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Astonia III

Astonia is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (in short, MMORPG). Each player assumes the role of a battle-hardened warrior or a powerful mage. He or she enters the world of Astonia and begins to train for battle. The experience gained as characters solve quests, discover new places, and kill evil monsters, can be applied to raise any of a large number of attributes, skills and spells. Characters gain rank and power, qualifying them for better and more powerful equipment for the new and greater challenges that lie ahead...

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Astonia Cat
I play a MMORPG called Astonia v3. I created this website to help out whoever needed it and to keep track of things. (Like alchemy and how to make a decent character.) This website is made for the fun of it and I would gladly post anything a friend would like to add ...
The Astonia
The offical website of Astonia provides manual,create account,account management,screenshots,community,support,payment ...
A fansite of Astonia provides huge forums. ...
A fansite of Astonia provides guide to astonia,quest,map,clans,links. ...
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