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Currently in development, Atriarch is a 3-D, massively-multiplayer online, persistent game depicting life on the alien and organic world of Atriana. These are the features which have always been a part of Atriarch?s vision for a unique, immersive, and compelling experience.

Truly Massive - Join hundreds of thousands of other beings in exploring and cohabitating the spherical planet of Atriana which covers over 1 million square kilometers.

Atriarch Website List
Official Atriarch Site - 3-D, massively multiplayer online persistent game based on the alien and organic world of Atriana ...
APDT Main Site
This is a place where players can discuss various designs and gameplay options. The APDT has volunteered to aid World Fusion in different projects. Maintained by Synon ...
Atriarch Watcher
Always updated with general community and Atriarch news. Hosts exclusive content such as Atriarch Music Theme, discussion boards, the Atriarch Askew comic, and puzzles. Hosts regular community contests. Maintained by Herok and Cephas ...
Atriarch Stratics
Stratics provides the best news and information coverage for Atriarch ...
Atriarch Vault
Your number one source for Atriarch information ...
Fellowship of Atriana
The official home of the Fellowship of Atriana ...
The Brothers Trilunar is an Atriarch faction, which focuses on the customizable architecture system of the world of Atriana. It is an Eshlar only faction, and will be based on the continent of the Eshlar. We will seek to understand the relationships between the 3 moons, Atriana, and it?s inhabitants, and to translate their innate beauties into our architecture ...
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