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Join young Otro Gariushi on the cold streets of the ice planet C8-CHY VII as fate catapults him into a life of crime and piracy.

Catch of the Day is a story about a blase Gallentean trader by the name of Gaspar Anoun and the unscrupulous and vicious world of bing where monstrous amounts of money exchange hands. The Ray of Matar takes place in the Minmatar tribal community and describes the most important ceremony in a Minmatars life, called "Voluval" or the "Test of Destiny".

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EVE online
EVE Online-- the most interesting Sic-fi game online...
It is a professional online game site...
Lloyd July Inc.
A corporation site for EVE Online....
This site allows EVE players to send SMS or e-mail other characters....
EVE zone
A great resource for comparing the specs of different ships!...
Eve Online Database
CCP will continue it?s program to allow you to trial eve online for free in 2006.has come and gone for Eve Online and earlier this month CCP released...
Stratics Central - EVE
All of the current and best news and information for your favorite online games. ... 2006 Entropia Universe - Forums Eve Online ...
Gods Unwanted Children-s Eve Online Website
Welcome to Gods Unwanted Children-s Eve Online Website ...
IGN: EVE Online Review
Welcome to the world of EVE Online, where the endless expanse of space stretches ...
Ecofeminist Visions Emerging | EVE ONLINE
Ecofeminism is concerned with women and nature, politics and sprituality, and ... Welcome to EVE ONLINE, a Web site devoted to ecofeminism. ...
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