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Gods and Heroes

Ghost Online,the new online game which is going to be lounched by Game Flier is an amusing online game that emphasizes 'Localization' and 'Fun'. This 2D side scrolling MMORPG provides a spectral world where ghosts,spirits and demons with humorous name and appearance are exist!

Players will have chance to enact the heroes or heroines of martial art movies in Ghost Online. You may move through the land using fleet movement,race over treetops,roof beams,and hop across mountain ridges,which would certainly provide you with an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience!

Gods and Heroes Website List
Gods & Heroes@ STOwiki
Heroes: Rome Rising_ . The gods are very real and very involved in everyday life. Gods and Heroes homepage ...
Gods and Heroes@Ten Ton Hammer
Gods and Heroes - Ten Ton Hammer - Taking you to the next level. Everyone has been following Gods and Heroes anticipating that holy of all grails, ...
Gods and Heroes:@ PC: ign
Gaming magazine offers videos, screenshots, message boards, and news for the PC version of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising....
Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising
Official site for the role playing video game Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. Players become classic heroes of the ancient world and have the opportunity to pursue their destiny through a series of Epic Quests that will span all levels of gameplay...
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