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Welcome to Gunz Online, your portal to the 16th century.

Come explore Lindos, Rhodes in the middle ages and help the Knights of St John defend their island against the one hundred thousand strong muslim army of Suleiman. You will be helping with other people on the internet. All you need to do to play is download the game and install and press connect and you are away.

Gunz Online Website List
GunZ Revolution - GunZ Online Fansite
GunZ The Duel Online is a third person shooting game developed by MAIET Entertainment and published by various game publishers such as Netmarble, ijji, and LevelUpGames. GunZ Revolution is different from other GunZ Online fansites in that GunZ Revolution has tournaments, events, replay hosting, screenshot hosting, a knowledgebase, championships......
GunZ Master
This is a GunZ fansite. This site give you guides and strategies to assist you in becoming a GunZ master!...
India InGunz Fansite and Forums
Gunz - The Duel(India) InGunz: Indian fansite and forums for GunZ. Offering premium Gunz game online guides, forums, wallpapers, game statistics......
Gunz UnitedNation Fansite
GunZ Unlimited - A friendly up-to-date GunZ: The Duel...
GunZ Unlimited
A GunZ: The Duel Fansite dedicated to help players with all their GunZ needs. This site offers everything you need for GunZ including up-to-date News and Guides. We try to be Number One in helping players in the MMORPG, GunZ: The Duel....
GunZ The Duel: International Edition
GunZ The Duel official site...
GunZ - GunZ The Duel News, Fansite, and Forums
game downloads, and much more for the online multiplayer game, Gunz The Duel. The GunZ portion of their The GunZ Entropy program no longer works ...
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