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Legend of Mir 2

The Legend of Mir: The Three Heroes is an Internet-based online game and an action role-playing game where everything happens online, including gaining experience and leveling up by hunting. The Legend of Mir includes concepts like day and night, trading of items, mining or hunting for meat to sell, in order to give to the user a strong feeling to be on a real parallel world, a world full of magic, Oriental taste and great adventures.

Mir supports thousands of simultaneous connections by accepting more advanced client-server system. Mir's world is rendered 2D by 3D through subtle touch and it features a good in-game speed due to fast movement of characters and monsters, comparing with other on-line games. Mir's servers system allows any world to be created, in order to lessen the gap between beginners and expert users. Of course, each server is running the same game but it is completely separate form the others

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Legend of Mir 2
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Legend of Mir 2
Legend of Mir 2 - Our free Legend of Mir servers...
MirZone is one of the leading resources for Legend Of Mir Players, and has been used by Mir players as the ultimate source for the last three years....
Legend of Mir 2(ph)
Legend of Mir 2 ph official site ...
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