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Pirates of the Burning Sea

The year is 1720, and the wondrous New World has become a battleground. The three great powers of the day ? Spain, England, and France ? vie for control of the valuable islands of the Caribbean, exploiting their resources and competing through both massive merchant empires and blistering naval cannon. Centuries of European grudges and intrigue now play out in the churning waters of the Burning Sea where valiant naval captains, savvy merchants, and rapacious pirates battle it out for riches and reputation.

Choose your side and seek your fortune. Which crown do you serve? Spain has the richest ports. England`s navy is unmatched. France`s ship design is the best in the world. When they go to war, no one is truly neutral. And there is no limiting character classes. Tired of the level treadmill, where you have to kill 10,000 rats before you stop being a loser? We don`t do levels. Instead we have an extensive skill list with numerous specializations for you to explore. Skills are measured both on knowledge and practice. You`ll need a combination of book learning and hard use to master the highest specializations in the game.

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Pirate of Burning Sea
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