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Rappelz world was being kept in order by the two elements, creation and extinction. There were two gods who were in charge of those two elements that were more respected and trusted than other gods. They thought the human race was too ignorant to develop its own civilization so they sent the Deva and Asura to assist the human race. The Deva represented lightness and the Asura represented darkness.

After some ups and downs, the Gaia-human being-became settled. The story begin......

Rappelz Website List
Morghedas Rappelz
A fansite of Rappelz provides home,information,gpotato,links ...
The offical web site of rappelz provides rappelz information,news,game guide,community,download,support. ...
Rappelz HQ
A fansite of Rappelz provides Rappelz fan site, forums, gameplay guides and more ...
ChannelNone Rappelz
A fansite of Rappelz provides much information ...
Rappelz Creature Guide
The game Rappelz is named such because of its creature summoning feature. You can tame, summon, raise, evolve and utilize the creature regardless of what job class you are. This is an in-depth guide on creatures. Most of the data is translated from the Korean guide on Playforum and the guides are originally wrote by myself, to help the players get to know their creatures better and plan out which one would work best for their characters. Special thanks to nevets1219, angelsarc, and Martigan who helped me with data and advice ...
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