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Under the reign of the Immortal Emperor, the Geist Empire has ruled the Brakion continent for five hundred years. Possessing secret knowledge of the essence of nature known as Ether, The Emperor converted the precious Ether into dark energy and used it to conquer the entire continent with his formidable armies. The continued extraction of Ether has impoverished the land, causing the Empire to turn its eyes to the rich lands of neighboring nations to continue its supremacy.

Are you and your guild strong enough to join rebel leader Ignis and her elite force against the Empire? Fight for your freedom, unfold the story and become a heroic warrior in Soul of the Ultimate Nation!

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The official site of sun...
The site is a professional fansite of sun...
Sun@webzen Games
An English site of Korea-based Webzen which is dedicated to developing MMORPGs, introducing six Webzen games¡­. ...
a stand out fansite of vanguard, you can get most of information you want to konw. ...
A stand out fansite of vanguard, you can get most of information you want to konw. ...
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